I stepped into my first yoga class at the age of 17. During my various career arcs, first as Registered Nurse and then as a Public Defender, I was drawn to movement as a way of recharging and restoring my mental and physical well being. I spent years practicing Brazilian dance, and performing in San Francisco’s Carnival every year, as well as Ashtanga and many other styles of Hatha Yoga.

In 2006, while recovering from a major surgery, I experienced first hand the therapeutic benefits of Iyengar Yoga. Moreover, I began to realize that clear instructions and attention to detail were something that had been missing in my other yoga classes; I felt like I was actually being taught yoga for the first time! I was hooked and it wasn’t long before I was singularly devoted to Iyengar Yoga for its unique abilities to transform both the inner and outer aspects of the body.

I am now a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher at the Intermediate Jr. I level and teaches public classes throughout San Francisco. I also continue to be a student of Iyengar Yoga and regularly study with Manouso Manos and Victoria Austin. I went to Pune, India for the first time in 2015 to study with Geeta and Prashant Iyengar and was lucky enough to be there last December for the B.K.S. Iyengar's Centennial Year Celebration and what ended up being the last classes Geeta would ever teach; she died on December 16, 2019.